Salat hijab, Salah is one of the five “pillars” of Islam so it’s more important for any muslims. and this salah hijab is necessary for salah.

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it’s length Overhead to Knee almost.

There is no question about it, a woman must wear the Hijab (head covering) and Jilbab (body cover/dress) when praying Salat. And our salah hijab is covering both head to knee (almost). Front long is 42” & back 47”. For extra comfort we used 100% cotton fabric! We ensure best quality! Price 550 taka each! Inbox us to grab yours!
NOTE – Online purchase only!

It is also known as jilbab khimar.

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Ash Color
deep ash
Golden Light
Grape Purple
Jam Color

Cape Hijab

৳ 1,500

Ready Hijab

৳ 850
Ash Color
Bottle Green
Chocolate Brown
Navy Blue
Olive Color

Ready hijab

৳ 850