Hijab pins are amazing for the Muslimah who wants to keep the scarf on her head all day. If you are new to wearing the hijab full time however, the thought of placing a needle right next to your head can be quite intimidating.

Hijab pins are fashion decorative accessories that usually attach to hijab with a rotating pin clasp


Straight pins are great for what I like to call “perfect placement”. This is because you can use them during the hijab wrapping process to pin down the scarf according to your angle and draping preference.

To use the straight pin, drape the scarf around your head as desired and pin throughout the process as many times as you need to. Take the pin and slide it downwards, making sure to go through all of the fabric layers to make it secure

  • STRAIGHT PINS. Straight pins are great for what I like to call “perfect placement”. …
  • SAFETY PINS. Safety pins are amazing for hijabis that move around all day and want to make sure that their scarf stays secure. …

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